Documents required for car rental – Personal entity
A valid identity card or passport driving license
Documents required for car rental – Legal entity
A valid Abstract of the Companies Register
Valid identity card and driving license of the person who will use the vehicle
Car rental contract signed an executive or his authorized person
Payment Terms:
For payment by cash or bank transfer (by mutual agreement in advance) the client will pay the amount for car rental and deposit (for new clients).
Amount of the deposit depends on mutual agreement. The deposit will be paid back to client to full extent after returning the undamaged car.
The car will be passed with a full tank, by returning the vehicle client is required to refueled the car.
The client responsible for car traffic is required to observe the period of service. 
The car is possible to use exclusively in all countries of the European Union. To use the car abroad of EU is possible only with the permission of the B&B Group. 
Car accident insurance participation is € 166 / max. 10% of all amount.
* Change in terms reserved.